Stop Embalming Yourself- Say “No” to Preservatives!

Meat with Preservatives

Wanna get sick? Take a walk into the unknown… foods with artificial preservatives. Here’s some foods with dangerous preservatives; pepperoni, ham, pork breakfast sausage, etc. I do miss eating breakfast at McDonald’s, but the preservatives in the breakfast meats?? Kind of scares me.

I use to eat meats with preservatives, but for the past two years, I haven’t touched it. I adopted a whole foods, organic vegan diet, instead. I think of preservatives as embalming fluid, you know the kind of stuff they use on dead people at the funeral home. I think that preservatives are toxic in the long run, the stuff won’t kill you over night, but years down the road….cancer?, diabetes?, and who knows what else? Plus, you consume the hormones and antibiotics that were injected into the animal before being preserved.

I think its better to eat fresh meat, instead. Organically farmed meat would be nice. But I think its better not to eat meat at all. Get your proteins from organic beans, and nuts.

I equate preservatives with big corporate interests (the richest, top one percent). The reason, shelf life of the product they produce. It wouldn’t be economical to produce products they can’t mass produce, and ship to markets far from their origin. For example, bread. I think that good bread needs to be produced daily, on site. Store breads are pumped with tons of preservatives to extend shelf life. Another example, milk. Milk needs pasteurization to extend shelf life. People can drink unpasteurized milk, but it most likely needs to be produced daily by local udders.

Since I’ve adopted an organic diet, its really hard for me to shop anywhere. For example, I can’t eat 99 percent of the food at Costco, Safeway, or any other conventional store. Why????? Non-organic, conventional foods, preservative laden junk, cooked dead foods, agriculture chemicals, etc. That includes foods boxed as “organic.” Even foods label “FDA Organic”, I don’t trust. With FDA label, I wonder: “to what degree is the product organic?” The FDA is froth with big corporate tampering of definitions.

Bottom line…don’t eat meats, or any foods with artificial preservatives. No wonder why Americans are becoming sick, not only are we ingesting farm chemicals like Roundup, and other herbicides, along with preservatives. America’s food supply is loaded with crap! Crap in Crap out. Toxic chemicals go into the body, who know the out come? Time for Americans to grow their own foods, like the Cubans. Cubans in Havana, are eating better, even with the trade embargo, and yet Americans complain about lack of money. Do your own research, watch some videos about “Cuban Organic Gardens” on

Eat well, exercise, and prosper.

Eric K. Oshiro, Beaverton, Oregon


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